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The Legume Hub is an open access knowledge platform, fostering insights and understanding though sharing knowledge. The content is available to everyone.

For users

Scientia est potentia: knowledge is power. The primary purpose of The Hub is to empower all interested in the development of legume cropping and use with access to knowledge. In addition to full public access to The Hub public website-based services, all expert users are invited to join the Legume Hub Community by registering as a user. This gives users greater access to The Hub’s resources, the opportunity to comment on articles, access to discussion fora, direct access to other experts. Registered experts are also members of the European Legume Hub Community which governs the Hub.

The European Legume Hub Community
The European Legume Hub Community (the Hub Community) owns and governs the Legume Hub. All users (as individuals and as organisations) are eligible to become members of the Hub Community. It has a board elected by its members supported by a secretariat provided by Donau Soja. The elected board vets authors, develops policy on content, and provides guidance for the governance of the Legume Hub.

The European Legume Hub Community works with the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture (EIP Agri) to ensure that the Legume Hub is well-known as a route to impact for EU-funded research consortia. The Community also provides a voice to its members as an association of scientists and technologists in public debate about the development of legume-supported cropping.


For authors

The Hub is an open and validated publishing platform for authors. The Hub gives maximum recognition to its authors, their projects, and their organisations. All who have relevant practical or research-based expertise can register as an author and join the Hub Community. The Hub itself is a multi-lingual publishing platform, featuring written, spoken and visual media. Written articles form its core. Each article is attributed to its author(s) and their organisations. Each is citable as a scientific or technical publication. In addition, authors can extend their involvement by joining the editorial board and by contributing to the review of the Hub’s content and its direction. Thisl editorial work is also acknowledged on the Legume Hub in each author’s personal profile. All authors may refer professionally to their role as an author and/or editor in reporting their work and the impact of their work to practice.


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