Introducing maize, bean and courgettes into the diet of foraging pigs

Carl Sheard, S. Lausell, Stanisas Lubac, Aude Coulombel
Posted: 02.05.2022
The video shows the experience of an organic pig farmer located in Pays de La Loire region in the west of France implementing grazing in parcels. Integrating a diverse range of mixed protein-rich forages into the feeding plan can reduce the amount of concentrates needed. The farmer, who rears 45 sows, reduced the amount concentrate fed by a third to encourage foraging. His experience with the “three sisters” crops, maize, beans and squash, shows a well-consumed vegetation and a preserved soil. This tool is aimed at the target group of new and experienced farmers who hope to increase the use of local feedstuff and move towards closing their nutrient cycles. Organic and conventional farmers could benefit from this tool. This tool is relevant to pig farmers around the world, although the specific of its application are more adapted to central Europe.


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Publisher: ITAB - Institute for Organic Agriculture, OkNet-EcoFeed
Producer: Stanislas Lubac

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Acknowledgement: This project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773911.
Citation: Lubac, Stanislas. 2019. Introducing maize, bean and courgettes into the diet of foraging pigs. Legume Hub.

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