Recommendations for using soy-based feedstuffs for poultry production

Christopher Lindner, Elias Schmelzer
Posted: 29.04.2022
Benefits of soy include: Soya can be very well integrated into crop rotation and can cover up to 80 % of the N requirement by inoculating the seed with N-fixing nodule bacteria (Bradyrhizobium japonicum). Soya contains a lot of energy and protein. It is very tasty for the animals and easy to digest. The high content of linoleic acid has a positive effect on the egg size of laying hens. Further the dependence on soya imports can be reduced and the pressed oil can be sold for further use. Practices such as soya toasting and de-oiling is now well established and the process steps are defined (temperature and duration), but availability of mobile soya toasting plants must be ensured.



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Authors: Christopher Lindner, Elias Schmelzer
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