Terms and conditions and data privacy
for members of the Hub

With the Legume Hub (“the Hub”) we support the European model of free public access to the knowledge used in the production of our food. In particular, it supports sustainable agronomic practices by bundling and sharing knowledge. The Hub is a free public service and the content is in the public domain, meaning available to everyone.

The Hub gives maximum recognition to its authors, their projects, and their organisations. Articles and other contributions are shared freely but remain the property of their contributors. All articles are presented with a clear guidance on citation recognising the authors alongside recognition of funders where relevant. Authors are profiled on the Hub to foster networking and further knowledge exchange. All authors, contributors and bonafide users are invited to join the Legume Hub Community where they can contribute to the development of this publishing platform, the further exchange of knowledge, and a wide range of community activities.

Purpose of this policy

This policy sets forth the Legume Hubs collection and use practices for data we process in the course of providing the service. The data concerned comprises personal data (name, email address, phone number, postal address) as well as further data deposited by users of the Legume Hub (content, articles, videos, pictures and associated metadata).

Any natural or legal person who, as a recipient of the Legume Hub, accesses or uses it for any purpose is a user (“user”). Users can register as registered users (“members”). This involves sharing their professional identities and credentials with the option of availing of the opportunity to provide a fuller profile. All authors and contributors of content must register as users. Most of the content is also visible to unregistered or logged-out users (“visitors”).An author (“author”) is a natural person whois a member of the Legume Hub community and who contributes content or who serves as an editor..

Guided by the board amd members of the Legume Hub Community, the caretaker of the Legume Hub (see “Imprint” [for the time being this is Donau Soja]) reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, in particular, to reflect changes in market conditions, changes in technology or system capabilities and changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements. All contentual changes to this policy will be notified to the members of The Legume Hub Community by email or other reasonable means, including through notifications on The Legume Hub. If a user objects to any new version, he/she should stop using our service and/or close his/her account. If the user continues to use the Hub after having been provided with such notice he/she will be deemed to have acknowledged the policy.
We are using the personal data which is collected via the Legume Hub based on our legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6(1)(a) to (f) GDPR.

Processing of members information

In order to offer functionalities of the Legume Hub, we are processing the following data and/or information related to members:

Member account: During the registration process potential members are asked for their first and last name, an email address, a telephone number, institutional affiliation, a short professional profile , a profile picture and a password. After a potential member has clicked on the confirmation link, which we send to him/her in a respective email, the member account will be confirmed. All data provided in and relate to the member’s profile, except the password, will be in the public domain, hence visible to any user. As the Legume Hub is a community for knowledge exchange, we reserve the right to process and exchange data provided by members among the Legume Hub community. This for instance includes the right to set names and email addresses of members on lists and make them available to other members of the Legume Hub community.

Deposit agreement: As a member, when you deposit articles, pictures, videos or supplementary materials on the Legume Hub, you do not transfer or assign copyright to us. Rather, you make the content available to the public domain. Members retain the right to, at any time, remove content from the Legume Hub which were deposited by themselves. As we do not have any information about rights you may hold, or any other restrictions which might apply to such content, we request that you confirm that you have sufficient rights to deposit particular content to the Legume Hub before you do so.

  • In depositing any media (articles, text, images, videos, a collection of files, tables, graphs and associated metadata) the member grants the Legume Hub the right to make it permanently avaialble online, with open access to all. The member understands that the Legume Hub does not assume any responsibility if there is any breach of copyright in distributing this media or metadata.
  • For work being deposited by its own first author: The user declares that this media is his/her own intellectual property and that he/she has the right to make it available on the Legume Hub and that it is in the public domain.
  • For work being deposited by someone other than ist first author: The user declares that he/she has gained the proper permission from someone with the right to make this media available on the Legume Hub and that this media is in the public domain.

Communication via the Legume Hub: Communications which are initiated via the Legume Hub (e.g. comments on articles) will list your name and/or contact details. When a member communicates with the caretaker of the Legume Hub, he/she may provide name, contact details and other personal data as part of the communication, as well as the content of the message itself. The caretaker of the Legume Hub may process a members personal information in order to reply to such communication or initiate communication on behalf of itself.

Recommendations and statistics: For our recommendation features, we process contact and bibliographical data, information pertaining to a members work, usage frequency, type of devices used to access the Legume Hub, including browser, operating system and mobile device, consulted research items, interaction with particular pages or parts of pages, and number of clicks on a page or feature. Further, based on the personal data a member provides, statistical evaluations, mathematic operations, and predictions may help to infer other information about a member and support our recommendation features. Further, activity data, such as number of read articles, will be facilitated to generate statistics, which are connected with reading behaviour for instance.