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      Feeding faba bean to poultry in practice

      Faba bean (Vicia faba L.), also called field bean, is rich in protein and energy. In particular, faba bean complements cereal well in the feed ration due to the high content of lysine. Faba bean can replace or supplement soya and can be used without further treatment. The crop can be sold to compound feed producers. But a better profit ma...

      Harvesting soybean

      High soybean yields and quality require the harmony of all production factors. Timely and efficient soybean harvest is one of the key challenges. Inappropriate harvesting can lead to harvest losses of up to 30%. The main factors that impact harvest losses are pre-harvest activities (seedbed preparation, crop canopy), harvest...

      Harvesting and storing lucerne

      Due to lucerne’s high protein content and the structure of its leaves, attention to detail at harvest is required for best results. This article sets out how yield and nutritional losses are minimised when lucerne is harvested and ensiled for forage.

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        Haberlandt Award for soybean research in Europe and China

        Haberlandt Award for soybean research in Europe and China

        The Haberlandt Award recognises outstanding achievements in soybean research in Europe and China. This price is awarded by the Donau Soja Association in cooperation with the Soybean speciality committee of the Crop Science Society of China.  Who can apply? The award...

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        Visit of Soybean Experimental Station Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

        Visit of Soybean Experimental Station Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

        From June 16th to 18 th 2021, a delegation of the  Donau Soja Moldova network visited the Experimental Soybean Station in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria. The purpose of the visit was to observe how Moldovan soybean varieties grow under the climatic conditions present at the...

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        Scientia potentia est: knowledge is power. Understanding empowers. The Hub is about free access to knowledge, insights and understanding to support growing and using legumes. It is about empowering everyone interested in legume development and use with knowledge. The Legume Hub is also a community for developing and sharing knowledge in which experts from science and practice work together to support the sustainable development of our food systems. The Legume Hub provides timely, science-based information for practitioners and everybody with an interest in legumes, their propagation, processing and use. These include farmers as growers and users of legumes, processors for feed and food purposes, and all other stakeholders involved in the legume value chain. The Hub’s registered expert users and authors form the core of the European Legume Hub Community. They own and govern the Legume Hub.

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            Production of soybean seeds

            The use of high-quality seed is particularly important for the success of a soybean crop. In this video, the experts from Centre for Agricultural Technology Augustenberg (LTZ) explain what to look for in soybean seed production.

            Legume protein from Brandenburg

            Field trials on grain legumes have been conducted at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) for many years. In this video, Moritz Reckling and Kathleen Karges give insights into their research o...

            Using grain legumes in marine fish diets

            In this video, THESGI Agricultural Cooperative of Thessaly in cooperation with NIREUS Aquaculture S.A. demonstrate a win-win market for legumes and fish producers. Taking into acc...