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      Transition to legume‑supported farming in Europe through redesigning cropping systems

      Legume-supported cropping systems affect environmental, production, and economic impacts. In Europe, legume production is still marginal with grain legumes covering less than 3% of arable land. A transition towards legume-supported systems could contribute to a higher level of protein self-sufficiency and lower environmental impacts of agriculture. Suitable ...

      High-throughput screening of soybean di-nitrogen fixation and seed nitrogen content using spectral sensing

      Biological nitrogen fixation mediated through symbiosis with rhizobial bacteria is a unique feature of legume crops. Under organic farming conditions, it is the main source of nitrogen in crop rotations. Therefore, nitrogen fixation of grain legumes has a substantial impact on crop performance, harvest product quality, and nitrogen balance of crop rotations....

      Future area expansion outweighs increasing drought risk for soybean in Europe

      The European Union is highly dependent on soybean imports from overseas to meet its protein demands. Individual Member States have been quick to declare self-sufficiency targets for plant-based proteins, but detailed strategies are still lacking. Rising global temperatures have painted an image of a bright future for soybean production in Europe, but emergin...

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        World Soybean Research Conference, 18-23 June 2023

        World Soybean Research Conference, 18-23 June 2023

        The World Soybean Research Conference (WSRC11) will take place in Vienna, Austria, on 18 - 23 June 2023.  The program is constantly evolving. You can find the most updated version here: Program | Vienna 2023 ( OVERVIEW Plenary sessions Monday:...

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        International Non-GMO Summit 2023

        International Non-GMO Summit 2023

          International Non-GMO Summit 2023 Strengthening and Securing the Non-GMO Market   9./10. May 2023 Hilton Frankfurt Airport, Germany ​ The first International non-GMO Summit aims to bring together producers and traders from South America and Europe to...

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        Scientia potentia est: knowledge is power. Understanding empowers. The Hub is about free access to knowledge, insights and understanding to support growing and using legumes. It is about empowering everyone interested in legume development and use with knowledge. The Legume Hub is also a community for developing and sharing knowledge in which experts from science and practice work together to support the sustainable development of our food systems. The Legume Hub provides timely, science-based information for practitioners and everybody with an interest in legumes, their propagation, processing and use. These include farmers as growers and users of legumes, processors for feed and food purposes, and all other stakeholders involved in the legume value chain. The Hub’s registered expert users and authors form the core of the European Legume Hub Community. They own and govern the Legume Hub.

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            Plant proteins in ruminant nutrition

            Dr Lorna MacPherson presents on the role plant proteins in ruminant diets. The slides were presented as part of a workshop on plant proteins.

            Plant proteins in food policy

            Professor Mads Fischer-Moller's presentation focuses on how is approaching plant proteins for human consumption. The slides were presented as part of a workshop on plant proteins.

            Pulses in monogastric rations

            Professor Jos Houdijk's presentation focuses on the opportunities for replacing soya with other legumes. The slides were presented as part of a workshop on plant proteins.

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