Joining the Legume Hub Community

The Hub empowers by providing open access to knowledge and understanding. This philosophy extends to the ownership and governance of the Hub itself. In addition to serving a professional community, our registered users mutually own and govern it as members of the European Legume Hub Community (incorporated informally as the European Legume Hub Association). All registered users of the Hub are members.

Members of the European Legume Hub Community can:

  • use the Hub as a self-publishing platform to create their own articles that support the development of legume-supported value chains;
  • contribute previously published articles, images and videos to the Hub building up a personal portfolio of contributions that help this Community;
  • publish a personal profile that increases their visibility within the Community;
  • identify members with common interests;
  • use the Hub as a publishing platform for their projects;
  • avail of enhanced services as they develop; and
  • contribute to the governance and strategic development of the Hub.

Participate in making the European agriculture more resilient and sustainable by joining our journey.