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About the Legume Hub

Scientia potentia est: knowledge is power. But understanding empowers.

The purpose of the Legume Hub is to empower all interested in the development of legume crop production and use by providing access to validated knowledge. It is a platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and successful practices across value chains, from plant breeding, on-farm activities, through to processing and consumption.

The Hub is a multi-lingual publishing platform featuring written, spoken and visual media. Self-published articles form its core. Each article is attributed to its author(s) and their organisations. All articles published through the Hub are subject to independent peer-review and each is citable as a scientific or technical publication. The Hub editors strive to ensure contributors can be proud of their work published on the Hub. The Legume Hub is governed by the members of the European Legume Hub Community. All users involved in the development of legume production and use are invited to join the Legume Hub Community by registering as a member. Members have increased access to the Hub’s resources and are able to contact other members. Members are welcome to contribute to the Hub by creating a personal profile related to their legume work, publishing articles and providing information about their projects.

The European Legume Hub Community

The members of the European Legume Hub Community (established as the European Legume Hub Association) collectively own the Legume Hub. All users may join the Hub Community through registering on the Legume Hub website.

The Hub Community also provides a voice to its members in public debate about the development of legume-supported cropping as an association of innovators, scientists and technologists.

The board of the European Legume Hub Association

The Community has a board elected by its members. The elected board organises the review of contributions, develops policy on content, and guides the technical management of the Legume Hub. The statutes of the European Legume Hub Association can be downloaded here. The minutes of the founding meeting of the European Legume Hub Association can be downloaded here.

The following members were elected as the board of the European Legume Hub Association at the founding meeting on November 22nd 2021:

MMag. Franko Petri

Donal Murphy-Bokern

Chairman of the Legume Hub Association and board member

Christine Watson

Lauren Dietemann

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

Christine Watson

Svetlana Balesevic Tubic

Seed Association of Serbia

Christine Watson

Mato Mrkalj

Business Development Manager NUTRIS.farm Ltd.

Christine Watson

Kristina Petrovic

BioSense Institute

Christine Watson

Leopold Rittler

Donau Soja

The Legume Hub Secretariat

The Hub is formally legally represented by the member organisation that provides the secretariat. The Donau Soja Organisation provides this function. If you want to get in touch with the secretariat please use the contact form or write an email to info@legumehub.eu.

The Legumes Translated project

The Legume Hub was developed in the Legumes Translated project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement No. 817634. The consortium comprises 17 partners in 9 countries with 14 local innovation groups (actor groups). The Legume Hub concept and design is the work of Donal Murphy-Bokern (DMB), Leo Rittler and Georg Spreitzer (DS), Christine Watson (SRUC) and Lauren Dietemann (FiBL). More information on the Legumes Translated project can be found here.