Robin Walker
Robin is a researcher and lecturer with over 25 years experience in crop and soil systems research, teaching and KE delivery. He is programme lead for the distance learning MSc in Agricultural Professional Practice and has been teaching into the Organic Farming distance learning MSc for over 15 years. His research focuses on low input cropping systems and how these can be managed more efficiently in terms of the balance between production, economics and environmental factors. He is also interested in how to optimise the integration of crops, grassland and livestock.

Areas of interest include:

Diversity in cropping systems
Rotational effects on cropping systems, both organic and non-organic.
Environmental impacts of crops, their varieties and their role in rotations within agricultural ecosystems.
Crop / soil nutrient dynamics within cropping / farming systems (particularly N, P, trace elements and organic matter).
Improving the optimization / integration of leguminous species / varieties into cropping systems with an emphasis on intercropping.
Home grown protein cropping options
Cover crops & green manures