Visit of Soybean Experimental Station Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

Jul 8, 2021 | Event

From June 16th to 18 th 2021, a delegation of the  Donau Soja Moldova network visited the Experimental Soybean Station in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria. The purpose of the visit was to observe how Moldovan soybean varieties grow under the climatic conditions present at the experimental station in Northern Bulgaria.

World Soybean Research Conference 11

Moldovan soybean varieties are grown at the breeding fields of Soybean Experimental Station in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria, amongst others with the purpose of studying the manifestation of genetic traits and resistance to biotic and abiotic factors. In order to exchange about both the results as well as on methods for improvement and good practices, Dr. Galina Naydenova and Prof. Iordan Alexiev, invited their Moldovan colleagues for a visit of the demo fields of Soybean Experimental Station Pavlikeni.

World Soybean Research Conference 11

The group of visitors included amongst others, Mr. Viorel Gherciu, Director of Donau Soja Organization in Moldova and Dr. Ela Malai from the Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection in Chisinau, Moldova.

World Soybean Research Conference 11


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