Better with Beans

Apr 25, 2022 | News

The Better with Beans (Bättre med Bönor) campaign is a collaboration between the Swedish-speaking organizations Natur och Miljö and Finlands Svenska 4H and the network Ground for Growth, which consists of food producers and researchers.


About the campaign

The campaign focuses on spreading knowledge about legumes and how we can reduce the environmental and climate impact of food production, as well as promote human health, by growing more legumes and eating more pulses. The website for the campaign contains easily accessible information about the benefits of growing legumes, along with delicious recipes. The idea is to inform and inspire website visitors to try new recipes and eat more pulses.

The project is planning a summer tour in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland. They will travel to different festivals and markets to talk about the campaign, hand out broschures and taste samples, and engage with the visitors through games, quizzes and workshops.



Petra Mattsson

Project manager

Natur och Miljö

Further contacts and project partners

Funding partners

The Network Ground for Growth is a part of the EU-funded collaboration project Legumes Translated.

Sponsoring food producers and collaboration partners are Jalofoods, Karviaisten tila and Vihreä Härkä.