Legumes are valuable sources of protein for humans and animals. But there is still much to learn about the cultivation and processing of legumes. That is why the Legume Hub SWISS – tailor-made for Switzerland – provides information for all those working with protein crops: stakeholders from agriculture, industry, trade, science and politics.

As vegetable protein sources, legumes make an important contribution to healthy and sustainable nutrition. However, knowledge about cultivation and processing still needs to be further developed in Switzerland. This is the aim of the new legume platform Legume Hub SWISS. The platform is now available online.

The information provided on the platform is essential, because it is not easy to successfully grow, process and market legumes. For all this, experience, research and political measures are needed in addition to knowledge transfer.


Legume Hub SWISS: Tailor-made content for Switzerland

The new platform offers information on:

  • Cultivation, variety selection and variety breeding of faba bean, pea, lupin, lucerne and soybean
  • Market, quality assurance, processing, collection points and mills
  • Guidelines and regulations on the cultivation and processing of conventional and organic grain legumes
  • Upcoming events on the subject of grain legumes
  • Protein power network
  • International projects and findings thanks to the integration in the European platform Legume Hub



swiss.legumehub.eu: Swiss knowledge platform Legume Hub SWISS
legumehub.eu: European knowledge platform Legume Hub
swiss.legumehub.eu: Leaflet “Alkaloid analysis in lupins – a prerequisite for food production”.



Ursula Kretzschmar, Processing and Quality, FiBL Switzerland
Tel +41 62 865 04 27, e-mail kretzschmar@fibl.org
Dany Schulthess, Protein Power Network, College of Agricultural Engineering, Strickhof
Tel +41 58 105 85 95, e-mail schulthess@strickhof.ch
Leopold Rittler, Head of Research & Innovation, Donau Soja
Tel + 31 642 68 4126, e-mail rittler@donausoja.org
Miriam Kamp, Legume Breeder, gzpk Association for Crop Development
Tel +41 55 264 17 89, e-mail m.kamp@gzpk.ch



Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG of the Swiss Confederation



  • Strickhof
  • Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz
  • Donau Soja
  • Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

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